Consulting Services

A cannabis consultant is someone who plays an especially important role for those looking to open a cannabis business but lack experience in certain areas. In the past when people would reference a cannabis consultant, they typically were referring to someone who could come in and help set up, manage, and maintain an efficient and productive cannabis grow operation. This meant they needed a good amount of knowledge pertaining to things such as soil, lighting, irrigation, and other vital aspects of growing cannabis. Today a cannabis consultant does more than just help set up, operate, and/or maintain the cultivation side of a cannabis business. Cannabis consultants have various different roles they specialize in that may be just the thing a business needs to succeed in today’s fast-paced legal cannabis industry.

Cannabis consultants play a pivotal role in helping to set up and maintain vital aspects of operations from seed to sale. There’s more to owning a cannabis business than just growing or selling the plant. There are laws and compliance regulations that are constantly changing that you must stay informed and compliant with. There are many different avenues for packaging, marketing, and software to run a cannabis business. Having someone fluent in these areas can save a cannabis business owner precious time and countless amounts of dollars.

Ed Rosenthal, Ken Morrow, and Kyle Kushman are a few of the legendary cannabis consultants that have been around for quite some time. They have vast amounts of knowledge and connection when it comes to the cannabis sector. There is virtually nothing they do not have knowledge of or a connection for. They have dedicated much of their lives to understanding this widely misunderstood plant. For a business to employ their services there is a substantial fee. This fee, however, is very worth it if you can afford it. Some cannabis consultants know everything about cannabis. They know about packaging, cultivation, sales and distribution, curing, accountability, and so on. They can help a business run an effective and productive operation. Some consultants only specialize in the growing side of the cannabis sector. They understand large-scale grows and what it takes to get them up and running as well as maintaining them.

Ultimately, a cannabis consultant should possess the knowledge and know how to help bring cannabis businesses to market while helping them remain compliant. The extent of their knowledge, however, in various areas of the cannabis sector may vary drastically so be sure to do extensive research before hiring a cannabis consultant to make sure they are a great fit for your vision.

We are committed to cannabis and we understand this industry from every vantage point. With 25+ years of experience in the recreational and medical marijuana marketplace, our team of cannabis consultants have seen every aspect of the industry and how it is changing by the day. We work with you to understand your vision, strategies, and objectives

With over 25 plus years experience, Filipe Ribeiro obtained his medical cannabis license in 2007 and successfully ran a 250 light, 5000 plant grow, from germination of seeds to packaging. He is familiar with drip systems, EBBand flow, hydroponics, soil, soilless mix, coco coir, living soil and deep water culture.

For over two decades Mr.Ribeiro oversaw customer service and trained and managed a team of 20-30 people. He is also well-experienced in extractions and concentrates derived from cannabis.